One of the many ways you as a Nigerian can earn with peace of mind today, is participating in the stock options business, with stock options, you are basically trading in world markets and profit if the trading results go either way.

Scenario 1
Let’s give a breakdown, in January 2022, Microsoft (MSFT) released their earnings results, team analyzed that it will trade above $305, we were able to do this by understanding their various businesses, acquisition, mergers and other factors, by the morning of January 27, Microsoft was trading at $309. Our investment of $17000 had increased by $25500 which is about 150% increase (this was due to number of contracts we purchased).

The technical analysis team at did what is known as Call Option here. As you can tell from the above analysis, we did not purchase the shares of Microsoft but the options.

Scenario 2
In this second scenario, the experts at analyzed NETFLIX (NFLX); they released their earnings on April 19th 2022. Our technical analysis team studied Netflix and observed that they are likely to lose lots of subscribers due to many factors including Russia-Ukraine war, serious competition from Disney, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO max etc, content issue and many others.

Based on these analyses we were confident that the stocks would go down after their earnings call. As at April 19th, NFLX was trading at $350, our team analyzed that Netflix will trade at about $300 by April 21, it went as low as $220. Our investment of $5000 generated an increase of 900% $45,000, what we did with Netflix is known as the PUT Option.

How to participate
Anyone regardless of their location can participate in the stock options business. This is not a money doubling venture, it is a platform where regular individuals can learn and earn with the stock market. You should contact our team for more clarification on how it works and how it can benefit you.