The president of the group, Dr. Emeka Oji, said ZESPRONET was created by the Alumni Association of Abia State University in collaboration with other members of public who shared in the group’s vision of transforming the South East regional economy, in particular and Nigeria in general.

Speaking at the 2022 Fund Raising Dinner of the ororganizationn Abuja, the he said the group was determined to transform the business climate and the standard of living in the region.

His words, “Being a Nigerian is challenging, then to have your circumstances of birth make you a South Eastern Nigerian adds a notch to your challenges as a Nigerian.

“We have also seen the disruptive effects of ‘stateism’ at the expense of competence in Nigerian; so we have made decisions that our charity will start from home.

“Our goals are two folds; we aspire to have an impactful project in each state university in South Eastern Nigeria in the next few years, but most importantly that the Governors of the South Eastern states in Nigeria will seek to partner with us in the coming years in bringing the best practices not just in the educational sector but other sectors of the economy.

“Our think tank group has designed blue prints on how to potentiate the huge economic base in South East Nigeria into reality by encouraging all the State Governors to work together for the collective good of the people irrespective of party differences.’’