Nigerian Idol Season 7 Top 2 : Zadok And Banty Progress Begin Battle For Finale

Judges And Top 2 contestant


This weekend, one of the trio of Zadok, Banty and Progress in the ongoing Nigerian Idol Season 7 will leave the show, which climaxes on Sunday, May 22, 2022.

Last weekend, it was the end of the road for Jordan as he was evicted from the music talent hunt programme because he amassed the least votes from the over 29 million recorded in the week, though he had the last chance to perform Bruno Mar’s Grenade to the admiration of the audience.

The top three contestants also used the occasion to showcase their talents as they battle for a spot in the last two this weekend.

Zadok, Banty and Progress performed two songs each, one from any time of release and the other on the year they were born, another twist that increased the excitement generated from the evening gig.

With the three contenders left in the battle for the Idol crown, the show has become tense as each, according to the judges, has the musical prowess to get to the grand finale that will lead to the clinching of the N100 million worth of prizes, including a recording deal from a label, a brand-new Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV), cash prizes, and other exciting gifts.

Banty, who was the first to sing, came up with a stunning performance with Beyonce’s I Miss You, which kept the judges standing and clapping for her good vocals and stage act, a situation that Asika exclaimed that she sang perfectly, while Simi stated: “it is the best I have ever seen,” with D’Banj describing it as “phenomenal.”

The young singer’s second song Listen by Brandy, which was released in the year 1995 when Banty was born, was incredible, according to D’Banj, who stated “I am glad you are among the three contestants, that was great”, while Simi avowed that it was impressive, and Asika, “I love what you have done.”

Zadok did his first song And I am telling you by Jennifer Hudson and got the judges standing, clapping, with admiration for his outstanding act, that also shook the viewers, who stood yelling with joy for being entertained.

The 28 years old, who was described as a great singer by his superfan, in his second song, taken from Boyz II Men’s I’ll Make Love To You, released in 1994 when he was born, made Simi remarked that it was astonishing, incredible, while D’Banj said “I am an entertainer, and I must tell you that you are also one,” and Asika “you have shown us what you know how to do very well.”

Progress sang I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston and got the judges over the moon with his vocals and stage performance, while his second song from Westlife’s Swear it Again which debuted in the year 2000 when he was born, led to good comments from D’Banj saying “every time you are on stage, it is like a ministration,” because he was often referred to as a pastor.

Simi affirmed “that was cool and excellent,” while Asika said, “That was a demonstration of skills.”




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