See The Trailer For Jennifer Lopez ‘Halftime’ documentary


Jennifer Lopez ‘Halftime’ documentary has been confirmed for a June 14 Netflix premiere.

Ahead of its release, the streaming giant recently unveiled the official trailer. The documentary is set to take its audience on a rollercoaster of emotions with clips of the songstress preparing for her iconic 2020 Super Bowl performance alongside Shakira, fiancé Ben Affleck on her reaction to press criticism over the years and a moment of weakness where Lopez breaks down about getting snubbed by the Academy for her ‘Hustlers’ feature.

“And I said to her once, “doesn’t this bother you?” And she said, “I expected this,” Affleck said.

Largely set in 2019, same year Lopez turned 50, ‘Halftime’ directed by Amanda Micheli takes a deep dive into J.Lo’s life as a performer with clips from the early stages of her career. She opens up about her struggle with self esteem and living with fame.

Watch the trailer:




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