CNS Warns Personnel On Involvement In Partisan Politics

Admiral Awwal Gambo


The Chief of Naval Staff Vice Admiral Awwal Gambo has warned personnel not to get involved in partisan politics but to exercise their civic duty in the forthcoming general elections to recruit new leaders.

The CNS who was represented by the Chief of Policy and Plans (CPPLans) Rear Admiral Saidu Garba stated this during the second quarter route march in Abuja.

He warned that any personnel who engages in partisan politics will be sanctioned accordingly.

“This is more so that we are entering the election period, we urge you all to be non partisan and not to engage in any activities, your right is to vote, get your PVC, do your vote and go back to your home. We do not expect you to engage in the electioneering process. Any person found engaging in that will be severely sanctioned”

He said the routine route march exercise is targeted at keeping personnel fit for optimal performance in the discharge of constitutional roles as naval personnel.

“The route march is aimed at developing personnel’s physical and mental alertness to meet the dynamics of contemporary security operations. It is also targeted at fostering esprit de corps and providing an avenue for relaxation,” he added

He stressed that operational efficiency and combat readiness are predicated on the mental and physical fitness of the armed forces.

“Indeed, physical fitness and mental alertness are essential for the combat readiness of service personnel at all times”.

The Naval said in lieu of the current security challenges in the country, “the need to keep personnel fit for operation cannot be overemphasized. That is why fitness and mental alertness are among the critical elements of the CNS policy thrust. Therefore, this Route March is targeted at keeping us fit for optimal performance in the discharge of our constitutional roles as naval personnel”.

“Let me use this opportunity to draw your attention to the need to continue to be law abiding citizens and at the same time stress the need to maintain a cordial and improved relationship with our civilian populace and relevant stakeholders.

“This is more so, that your duty to defend the territorial integrity of our fatherland will be meaningless if the Nigerian populace is not enjoying a harmonious relationship with the Armed Forces. Similarly, we can only be proud of their safety and well-being are assured as law-abiding citizens.

On this note, I urge you to be more professional in the conduct of your duties and day-to-day activities”.

“Furthermore, I must encourage you not to engage in any acts of misdemeanor or taking the laws into your hands that could bring disrepute to the Service in the course of duty”.

He restated that the Nigerian Navy will continue to support its personnel by way of providing all the needs to function optimally in the area of your responsibilities.

“Additionally, I enjoin you all to show dedication to duty and unflinching support to our democracy and constituted authority,” he said.

He disclosed that the NN Games is scheduled to take place in August this year which is aimed at consolidating the fitness level of NN personnel and identifying the abundant talents in the Service that can represent the NN creditably well in national and international competitions.

“ I implore you to take the opportunity and participate actively in the Games.

“It is pertinent to reiterate the wise saying that, a healthy mind requires a healthy body to function properly. It is, therefore, with sincere sense of responsibility and great pleasure that I congratulate every one of us for taking part in this Route March”.




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