Election 2023: Wike Promises Massive Improvement In Infrastructural Development If Elected President


Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike has promised that there will massive improvement in infrastructural development within the country if he is elected President in 2023.

Governor Wike, a Presidential Aspirant of the Peoples Democratic Party stated this while canvassing for delegates’ votes from members of his Party in Lagos State.

He said his ability to make good his promise is not in doubt, following his achievements in the past 7 years in Rivers State.

“Go to Rivers State, go and see, it’s not a question of you are just making promises; mine is talk and do, that’s why they call me ‘talk-na-do’,” the governor vaunted.

Buttressing his point, Wike said, his claims of delivering on promises made to the Rivers people, was affirmed even by Professor Yemi Osinbajo, the Vice President.

“For him (Osinbajo) to say – look, let’s say the truth, this is really Mr. Project. That is the Vice President of a ruling party who ought not to but sincerely said we must not play politics with everything, this man is Mr. Project.”

Wike said he is willing to replicate that which he has done for his people, but this time on a national scale.

He, however, was of the opinion that to replicate such a feat, there must be peace and there must be security.

The governor lamented over the spate of violent attacks recorded in Nigeria almost on a daily basis. According to him, the issue of security is one area in which the present government has failed exceedingly.

Speaking further regarding his political ambition, Wike reiterated that he is not in the race just to become a Vice President as some have speculated in various quarters, adding that anyone who has such thoughts should bury them.

“I will be President, not Vice President… I am running to be president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,” Wike affirmed.

The Rivers State governor revealed that if he is elected president, he will channel the resources needed to protect the lives and property of Nigerians.

In his view, Nigeria needs a strong leader who can adequately protect the lives and properties of its citizens.




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