Gov Emmanuel – Solving Nigeria’s Problems Requires Fresh Thinking,


The Governor of Akwa Ibom State Governor, Udom Emmanuel, on Friday, said the challenges facing Nigeria require fresh thinking to solve.

Udom, who is one of 17 Peoples Democratic Party Presidential aspirants being screened by the party’s presidential screening panel, said this in an interview with journalists after he appeared before the panel.

He explained that whosoever delegates of the PDP eventually settle for among the aspirants will be better positioned to take Nigeria out of the doldrums.

In response to a question on the screening exercise, he said, “Concerning the screening exercise today, It’s been quite interesting. I mean, the people who are in the panel are quite credible, these are strong people with diverse knowledge and I enjoyed it when they dabbled into my area, how am I going to rescue and restore Nigeria.

“I think that’s where I find it much more interesting. And I want to believe that all the people they’ve seen so far today any of us, are equal to the task to rescue and restore this country.

“I want to believe that so many things are to my own advantage because if you look at my antecedents if you look at my training if you look at the capacity and above all, I think age is also on my side because the problem is with Nigeria today needs a very strong agile young man. And I think all around, I think like so many factors are in my favour, and that will be decided by the electorate on the primaries.“

In response to a question as to whether the number of aspirants would not an obstacle to the conduct of the party primaries, he said rather than being a problem, it was a blessing.

Udom said,  “I don’t see any problem if there were not many aspirants, I would have been worried. Honestly, that’s where it would have been boring. You see this as a new spirit, a new wave of PDP, where everybody is allowed to express himself or herself.




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