Soludo Says ‘Unknown Gunmen’ Behind South-East Killings Are Igbo


Anambra State Governor, Prof. Chukwuma Soludo, has said majority of the so called unknown gunmen perpetrating heinous crimes in the South-East region are of Igbo extraction.

He made this declaration while announcing the imposition of curfew in seven troubled Local Government Areas in the state.

Soludo condemned the activities of the criminal elements and noted that the curfew would remain active until restoration of peace to the state, Daily Trust reported.

The Governor said, “Let us be very clear. These criminals causing mayhem in Anambra, albeit of disparate groups and gangs, are Igbos (dominantly from other South East states) whose real objective is lucrative criminality and foisting their idolatrous religion on the region

“Unfortunately, every criminal gang (including cult groups) claims to be a “liberation movement”, making it difficult to differentiate between any genuine agitators from criminals. Unfortunately also, the criminals now dominate the space.”

Soludo said the state has become the prime target of the troublemakers because it offers incentive for kidnaping for ransom among other South East states..

The former Central Bank Governor noted that the criminal group has a well oiled propaganda machine that was built using donations from sponsors abroad and they’ve deployed it to indoctrinate the people with all manner of contentious narratives.

He marveled at how a group that claims to be “fighting for the people”, would embark on wanton killing of the same people, and destroying their livelihood in the process.

“What has agitation got to do with kidnappings including kidnapping of priests of God, invasion of churches and tabernacles including desecration of the Alters of God? Why is it that everywhere they gather and in every camp they operate, there is a Deity/idol to which they routinely offer blood in sacrifice?”

“From accounts of those kidnapped and later freed the stench of dead bodies in the camps cry up to heaven. We see videos of them and their idol worship; we note their threats to priests and bishops, including threatening to take over some churches?” Soludo asked.

The spate of killings in Anambra state reached an ugly height in the past weeks as gunmen suspected to be members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), kidnapped and killed beheaded a state lawmaker.

Days after, a pregnant woman and her four kids were also murdered in cold blood and their corps were set ablaze sparking nationwide outrage.




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