Tinubu Partake On Peter Obi’s #LabourChallenge After “Labour Till Death” Misspeak

Bola Tinubu and Peter Obi


#LabourChallenge is a raging social media trend by young Nigerians where they showcase their endeavours and affirm that there is dignity in Labour.

Bola Tinubu, All Progressives Congress’s presidential candidate, has jumped on Peter Obi-inspired #LabourChallenge to portray himself as a hardworking Nigerian.“Working hard to secure our future, one for all Nigerians, for our families and our great nation. Hard work is Nigerian. Proud to be working hard with Nigerians by my side.

#labourchallenge #BAT23, Mr Tinubu wroton his official Facebook page.

#LabourChallenge is a raging social media trend by Nigerians, especially young people sympathetic to the cause of the Labour Party, where they showcase their endeavours and affirm that there is dignity in Labour.

The trend was inspired by the Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi in response to a derogatory comment by Mr Tinubu.

Mr Tinubu, campaigning on Wednesday for his party in Osun for Saturday’s governorship election, derided Labour Party as a “mushroom party,” saying its candidates and supporters will “labour till death.”

Reacting, Mr Obi, on Thursday at the Labour Party’s rally for its own candidate said “Labour people who are working hard have not been paid. Somebody said that they can labour till death. When they talk like that, when they show you hatred, Labour Party will show them love.”

“Labour Party wants to move Nigeria from consumption to production. You cannot do production without labour, so there is dignity in labour, and those who have laboured will get their reward,” Mr Obi added

Mr Obi’s “dignity in labour” response resonated widely with hordes of his online supporters who spared no time in creating “LabourChallenge” which is now spreading like wildfire on Nigerian social media.

The former Anambra governor, a self-confessed austere politician, commands a large and energetic following amongst Nigerian youths who calls themselves “OBIdient” supporters and see his candidature as a better alternative.




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