Viral Video: Inside Lagos Island Where Girls Sleep With Dogs For N1.5 Million


The road that leads to maintaining the social media lifestyles of big babes in the second most expensive city in Africa is disgusting, dangerous, weird, and leads to an early grave.

Most girls on Instagram don’t have jobs, and they don’t work for any brands, but they change cars and spend money on designers more than some prominent millionaires in Lagos.

There is a proverbs which says that not everything that looks precious or true turns out to be so.

It was a busy Thursday morning. Everyone on the Nigerian internet was talking about the 2023 election. At the same time, a disgusting video of some Instagram girls surfaced on Twitter.

In the video, beautiful Nigerian females were seen having sêx with dogs.

Yes, you did read that correctly. In Lagos, Nigeria, I said that those girls who pressure people on Instagram enjoyed sleeping with animals.

The practice of having sex with dogs is growing and more common among social media stars who live in the most expensive city in Nigeria.

In the video sighted by nigeriacast, a German shepherd dog can be seen having sêxual relations with a beautiful girl as she is gushing out water from her body on the floor.

According to information obtained by nigeriacast, the lady was offered N1.5 million by a wealthy man so that she could satisfy his dog.

The deal also comes with terms and conditions, so protection won’t be needed.

Read below what an undisclosed person said about the news.

  • “E even get one girl wey I no want mention her name.
  • She just bought Benz last month She dey popular, na cream and soap she say she dey do.
  • Na lie oh Na runs 24 She go even soon die. Cos she get incurable diseases for body And I pity the boy wey dey fuck her.
  • She fine die eh We know her parol Na big men for island dogs she dey nack every week And those men pay her well
  • One girl die today for island, we gather dey same compound Na disease kill her 2.
  • Today The one wey shock me be say they have plugs. 1 mean guys that hook them up with rich bilionaires in lekki, ikoyi, and banana Island.
  • Bro concerning this your post each, New updates wey dey Island now These billionaires can pay girl 1-2million naira to watch their dogs fck the girl
  • Be say some girls dey sleep with German shepherd dogs for 1.5 millonnaira a night Rawah
  • Most girls are doing it every night No protection They don’t use cndoms to fck those girls oh
  • Na why all this girls wey dey buy cars up and down for island eh. Idey fear to fck dem All this island babes le don spoil na dogs
  • Even some mainland girls now don join their league
  • Those island babes wey dey buy cars sil of them dey sleep with Por night 1.5 million Na wetin all of them dey do every week Just becos of money oh Now girls don’t want to work again.
  • They use their p***y to make millions. F*cking dogs everyday This island no safe again.
  • Becas of wealth This thing even common for Dubai and Malaysia too Naija babes wey go there go hustie.
  • Na dog dem dey f*ck Oppression don make most girls f*ck animal becos they want belong Be careful with gris nowadays Haas”

What another person said;

  • “Omo Eeba the street is getting really cold, and people are doing crazy stuffs for money.
  • This gist no be say na person tell me na be broker the deal between the man and the babe.
  • This man no be my client he just texted saying he got my number from someone that uses my service that he needed a BBW and he pays well.
  • Sharp sharp I don set the compass, I make sure any of my girls i give work, I follow her to the location for safety.
  • To cut the long story short this man asked the babe to sleep with his dog his German shepherd dog .
  • I was already saying No when he said he was going to pay 1.2 million naira and the babe agreed to it.
  • I tried convincing her not too but mama said she might never get an offer like this again.
  • OMO with a Dog then she told me this morning that the man sat across from them mstrbating to how the dog was fcking her.
  • Let’s just be careful out there Eeba the street is cold.”

We can’t post the video here due to our site policy but you can look for it on Twitter.




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