FG Laments – ‘Nigerians Still Believe In Jonathan’

Ex president Goodluck Jonathan


A group, GEJite Club International (Jonathan initiative), has said that the calls on former President Goodluck Jonathan to contest the 2023 presidential election, “goes to show that Nigerians still have confidence in him.”

Leader of the group, Mr Blessing Adima, in an interaction with newsmen, lauded the courage of the Nigerians “that took the bold step to call Goodluck Jonathan to come and take the stage by coming 2023”, urging the former president not to think twice to declare for the presidency.

He said: “Nigerians have searched and looked around and found out that if there is one man that could manage the diversity of this country, that has managed it before, has been tested and proven, that can revive the economic situation of this country, that person is Goodluck Jonathan.

“These are Nigerians calling on him to contest. They are not PDP, they are not APC, SDP, NDC or PRP; they are Nigerians; they know that one pan Nigerian that can run the affairs of this country is Goodluck Jonathan. We align ourselves with those Nigerians and call on principal Dr Goodluck Jonathan to come to the stage and continue the good from where he stopped.

“It is not APC or PDP that summoned him but at least the wisest thing for any political party to do now is to take this advantage of what those Nigerians have done and summon the same courage to go to his doorsteps and hand over their platform to Goodluck Jonathan, He is a beautiful bride of democracy and politics in Africa.

On which political party’s platform Jonathan could run if he decides to join the race for the presidency, he said: “The situation on the ground is that Nigerians want somebody that will rescue us from the situation we are facing today in this country irrespective of political persuasion and leaning.
Nigeria is in dire need of a leader with the requisite experience, international exposure and cognitive composure to reposition her as the Giant of Africa.

“We want somebody that will manage Nigerian nation’s diversity, somebody that will bring the economy back to its feet again, somebody that will drive critical infrastructure again, somebody that will drive peace among Nigerians, somebody that will look at the educational sector which is one of the critical condition for the development of the country, so we don’t care which political party Goodluck is going to run now.

“Even if they give him the least suitable political party today Nigerians are going to accord him the support to ensure he gets back to the saddle of power to continue the good work from where he stopped in 2015.”




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