Thomas Tuchel And Chelsea FC Make Final Decision On Cristiano Ronaldo


Thomas Tuchel and the board at Chelsea FC have made their final decision on the club’s move for Cristiano Ronaldo.

Chelsea FC board and Thomas Tuchel according to reports today, Thursday, July 14, 2022, have made a final and consise decision on the club’s pursuit for Cristiano Ronaldo.

According to reports Thomas Tuchel has decided not to go for the Manchester United forward and has received the backing of the board with his current decision not to go for the star player.

Chelsea FC still have their eyes set on the following players: Serge Gnarby, Nathan Ake and Kimbempe and would be pushing to sign these players instead.

The decision of not to go for Ronaldo comes after the completion and unveiling of Raheem Sterling for Chelsea.

The board’s decision to stick with Thomas Tuchel on this further shows the trust they have in the decision making abilities of the Chelsea coach.




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