Tom Brady Returns To Training After 11-Day Break


Tom Brady returned to training with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday after a mysterious 11-day absence from the team’s pre-season preparations.

The NFL superstar had not practiced with the Bucs since August 11, taking a break from camp that had been agreed with the team management in advance.

Buccaneers coach Todd Bowles said Monday the 45-year-old seven-time Super Bowl champion had little difficulty slotting back into the team’s training regime.

“He’s very familiar with the offense, so him coming back in and us getting back to work is kind of normal,” Bowles told the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ website.

“Just getting used to the heat and getting used to the guys, but he ran the offense well. Anytime you have all your guys back you feel good, you know, especially after the injury bug has hit lately. We’re happy to have him back.”

Brady is returning for his 23rd NFL season after deciding to extend his career several weeks after announcing his retirement from the sport in March.

The Bucs open their NFL regular season against the Dallas Cowboys on September 11.

Brady’s team-mates said they no doubt the veteran would make a smooth return to training after his absence.

“Whatever time they said that he was going to be out I knew whenever it was his time to come back he was going to come back,” linebacker Lavonte David said.

“Tom is a competitor, he’s a team guy, and there was no doubt in our minds at all that he was going to be back on time.”




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