The Brightest Minds Are In Africa – Mike Applegate

Nena Orji, CEO Loudnine Internation


An European Oil And Gas CEO, Mike Applegate took to the internet to applaud Africans after his encounter with a young female tech Nigerian CEO Nena Orji of Loudnine International, saying that the brightest of minds are in Africa after the tech expert built a website for the company and increased his sales by over 125 new clients in a month.

Urging companies and brands over the world to invest in the right developers that are passionate about your business by building websites that help promote business and creativity to the world at large saying ” Building a company with the right minds is all the positivity you need, Nena Orji is the right mind”.

Loudnine International is a mind-blowing elite technology company that focuses on web design and management for all brands and sectors of companies and businesses, UI/UX designs, mobile apps, brand consultations and SEO optimatization.

Nena Orji, a 27year old tech expert broke into the tech industry with her vast knowledge in website design and  has worked with top brand like TWPT, Olive Hair Relaxer, Iyanga Signature, Horizon50 and a alot more taking to her Instagram on friday to discuss tech and its challenges.

Achieving extensive knowledge and wide range of possibiity in the tech industry starts from the tiny things and best creative minds.





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